I’ve felt guilty about not making more video tutorials ever since I started 3dmybusiness.com. Although I’ve been giving away freebie projects for nearly a year now, I’ve never found the time to go the extra mile and provide video tutorials to go with the freebies. I’ve now broken the cursed chain!

If you’ve ever been found wanting with the built-in After Effects tools for positional tracking, this just might be for you. The tracking tool inside of After Effects is fantastic, but I’ve only ever found it accurate for things like 2D text, the kind of thing you see on all those high-production value gadget YouTubers. (MKBHD for instance.)

When it comes to accurate 3D, however, like what was needed on my latest project, it just wasn’t accurate enough. I believe there is a 3D tracking facility in After Effects now, but without high contrast/ well-defined movement, the accuracy is nowhere near the level needed for the discerning human eye.

My manual approach to tracking, as time-consuming as it can be, might just save you some time. Hopefully, it should get you results that you can be proud of.



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