Create Your Documentary With Dokyu

Dokyu Motion for After Effects has arrived after 17 months of development. It′s a comprehensive motion design tool that gives you vast access to the latest industry trends in just a single click.


Find photos with Dokyu Media

Dokyu Media is a free plugin for Adobe After Effects® that brings over 1M license-free images to your project (in addition to your own library). Talented photographers around the world generously upload their work to the social network, Dokyu then pipes these into After Effects to become media for our scenes.

Animate with Dokyu Motion

Dokyu Motion lets you bring your media to life in one click with a growing library of scenes and transitions. Motion transforms your still photos into powerful stories. Scenes are transformed into your own creations in seconds, allowing you to focus on the message, rather than the keyframes. From music videos to documentary sequences, to quick promotions. Just browse, import and drop your photos in, and let Dokyu weave you a story.

Dokyu helps you choose which scene to select from the library. Hovering over the image will show you an instant video preview of the scene. Hovering over the icons below will tell you the length of the scene in seconds, as well as the number of photo and text placeholders.

Over 1,000,000 license-free photos

Dokyu Media pipes the world′s largest community of commercial-free images into After Effects

A photo to animate for every video

  • Photos can be searched for instantly from inside After Effects.
  • In one click, photos are downloaded to your local Documents ‎folder for easy access. But…
  • Photos are imported to your project panel auto-magically to speed up your workflow!
  • Then you can drag them to your timeline when prompted, safely retaining the animation.

Pixabay is a vibrant community of creatives, sharing copyright free images and videos. All contents are released under Creative Commons CC0, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist – even for commercial purposes.

If you can picture it, you can make it with Dokyu

A picture is worth a 1000 words. With Dokyu, you have a tool to craft the rich story you want to tell.


Although engagement in entertaining videos could be forgiven based on the category, it isn′t an excuse for scruffy editing. Viewer expectations grow every year as more capital is invested in maintaining attention. This music video from Dokyu gives just one example of how the photo animation can be adapted and chiseled to visualise your content in a way that delights.

Education is quickly moving online with its scalable access and affordability. Unfortunately though, the levels of engagement pale in comparison to offline. What′s more, educational video has an uphill battle over entertainment, particularly if the content is free and available without effort needed. With so much content vying for attention today, a photo animator is the most reliable way of keeping attention, unless you′re prepared to start from scratch.


Many promotion formats today are overused. It′s not surprising brands struggle to get attention. Dokyu′s flexible style has more in common with documentaries which have popularised photo animation for effective teaching, so advertisements can be smart in getting messages across without scaring viewers away the moment they think they′re being sold to.

It's the little things

We like to think of Dokyu Photo Animation Maker as a way of thinking about producing media online, rather than simply a product. Part of that philosophy is ensuring each customer feels showered in value from day 1 and beyond. Here are two little ways we live that mission.

Time Saved

Quick Selection

Even with instant previews, composing your video with so many scenes can produce decision fatigue. That′s why Dokyu goes the extra mile by labelling each scene with quick-access hover information like scene length in seconds, the number of photo placeholders, and the number of text placeholders in the scene.

We′re always having fun experimenting and developing new ideas. Internally, we have 400 storyboarded scenes we want to share with you soon, as well as fun ideas for original transitions and plugin upgrades. Your photos are in good hands.


Ask Me Anything

Dokyu is simple to use at the surface. There′s a lot of satisfaction that comes with being able to put together a story in just a few minutes. But that doesn′t mean you can′t go deeper. Editing text may lead you on to updating the scene’s entire colour palette. Replacing a photo placeholder with your own can introduce you to the editing tools After Effects provides you with, and smart effect controls powering the animations in Dokyu mean that if you know where to look, Dokyu can give you the control to truly make a video your own.

Between live chat, simple in-app documentation, free community forums and even a comprehensive PDF guide to teach you the ways of Dokyu, we′ve absolutely got you covered to create your best videos in record time.

Who built Dokyu?

Since 2014, David Hawkins has taught over 3,500 students how to communicate with high engagement through animation.

Advanced Options

A pretty scene UI gives you advanced control over your project. Scenes and backgrounds have been divided to offer their own unique controls. There is also an intuitive colour palette allowing you to quickly update your colour scheme.

Fast, Modern Framework

Adopting the latest framework advances now available inside After Effects ensures animation making is enjoyable even under the strictest of deadlines. A high-performance JavaScript engine communicates with the web in real-time, opening up a new world of possibilities.

Deep Optimisation

The Dokyu Photo Animation Maker has been developed from the ground up to be optimised for performance. Each scene is published with pre-rendered sequences where appropriate, as well as proxy files so you can edit fast before rendering the final quality.

Lightning Support

Our team is ready to help near-instantly during office hours via the chat app built into Dokyu. Documentation is also built into Dokyu throughout, and you can even sign up to the community forum at if you are a little old school.


Regular/Extended (Freelancer/Agency) License?

Most users of Dokyu should buy the regular license. Extended is for Agency DAAS, or Dokyu As A Service to more than one client.

License Activation?

Upon purchasing you will be prompted to enter your license key in order to validate the purchase just once.

What Software Does Dokyu Need?

Dokyu works with both Mac and Windows, and runs inside Adobe After Effects® 2019+.

AE Version Compatibility?

Dokyu only works with After Effects 2019+ based on the modern Javascript-based framework.

Hardware Requirements?

If you can run After Effects today, you’ll likely be fine. As always, more RAM and SSD resources will likely offer low-cost speed boosts.

Is Dokyu For Beginners?

Absolutely. The side effect of creating a tool for time-strapped animators is that it opens access to all.

How Can I Get Help?

However you like! Dokyu comes with an integrated live chat app. We also a forum and an included PDF guide.

Is Dokyu For Experts?

The scene-creation technique is developed around multiple effect controls. Most are hidden but can be accessed.

Who is Dokyu for?

Dokyu is for the business owner needing to take the sting from tight deadlines. It′s for the video editor desperate to complete more projects without feeling rushed. And it′s for the budding video creator with a taste for good design, ready to make a splash online without getting lost in the noise.