There are plenty of motion design services out there today. The majority of them have much to offer in their respective areas; some offer more variety, some niche down, some are less money, some are more.

So let me be upfront and say that Dokyu isn′t for everyone, and that it′s worthwhile doing your own research.

With that said, here are the condensed reasons why you should choose Dokyu over alternatives:

1. Free upgrades and updates – With Dokyu, all customers get access to free upgrades and updates. That means that when we′re following motion design trends and notice an opportunity to produce our own assets, you′re going to be first in line to use them, and import in one click to your video projects before publishing.

Upgrades published in real-time. Oh yeah.

2. You′re not just getting templates, you′re getting a modern web app in After Effects powered by the same JavaScript engine that powers Google Chrome. Since development kicked off in February 2018, we′ve clocked over 6,500 developer hours already. And that′s after the careful brainstorming of UX/UI to ensure users are able to access large libraries of motion design templates is as little time as possible. Dokyu has been designed from the ground-up to be about speed and function.

3. It′s the little things – We like to think that Dokyu templates are the equivalent of a carpenter that finishes the back of a cabinet as thoroughly as the front. The template you see doesn′t demonstrate the prompt expression updates as Adobe phases out older programming languages. It doesn′t break down the user friendly features of formatting effect controls for extra legibility, or the additional lines of code to allow a user to drag a template to the desired length. It′s the little things that you′re not meant to notice which simplify your life without you noticing. That′s the Dokyu way.

Templates without active support become unusable.
Go on, give us a test.

4. Customer service – With Dokyu, you′re buying into a brand that cares about customer service. It′s not unusual to get a response within 30 seconds through our website′s chatbot – 7 days a week! And that′s a human. (Bots aren′t proficient yet in After Effects troubleshooting, unfortunately.) Dokyu did include a chat bot in After Effects, which customer′s loved. But the hit on performance was too great, so we removed it. If you want the fastest response, contact us through the website chat bot.

5. We give a damn – this is a difficult statement to prove, but I think a powerful example is to show you the number of features we′ve spent weekends and nights on, only to yank them out when it turns out the demand doesn′t exist, or the timing isn′t right. See a few examples in my 17-month Dokyu development case-study here on Medium.

Features that never see the light of day. Yet…
No questions asked.

6. 30-day moneyback guarantee – we′re so proud of our product that you have 30 days to tinker and decide whether the investment is worth it. And if it′s no, no problem. Get your money back, no questions asked.

7. Built-in stock library – designers are spoiled for choice today with quality photography, and it doesn′t take too much effort to head to Pixabay or Unsplash to collect free media. But motion design is an industry where time very much equals profit. So being able to search, download and import media all from inside After Effects, can save minutes each time. That really adds up.

Seconds turn into minutes, turn into hours.
Even the best-case scenarios have risks.

8. No hiring and firing motion designers – Hiring is one of the hardest and most important tasks a business can do. Get the wrong people on the bus, and you′re creating a raft of problems to deal with later. But that′s not all, once you′ve hired your next motion designer, you′ve now got to worry about the coherence of your designs. You customers will begin to associate artistic styles with your brand – to change that risks alienating your customer-base into not recognising you.

HYPE-BEAST-OVER-AND-OUT. Stop! Stop! Stop! And breath… Seriously though, you have nothing to lose by trying Dokyu out.

If you′re ready to give us a run, try out the demo below and make your move.

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Dokyu Motion is our flagship product. It packs over 1,000,000 diverse elements into After Effects to become the single most powerful plugin available for motion designers today.