So this is a story about how got in touch with us to head their December 2019 Gift of Giving promotion.

Dokyu was chosen as the top item on for 2019, and to say we feel grateful would be an understatement.

After our team let out a few shrieks (which probably sounded more like someone was being attacked violently), we calmed down and moved on to the second line of the email.

It was explained that the promotion would be sent to approximately 500,000 recipients signed up to the marketplace email list.

We had arrived.

Dokyu has been a labour of passion, and the greatest milestones in this journey have been from getting recognition for our work. Envato calling was exactly what we were looking for to justify continuing development. Money isn′t a great motivator for us, but it helps to keep the lights on.

Anyway, following is the original email we sent out after the first day of the promotion had wrapped.

Hey guys,

I can′t quite express how grateful the team and I are right now. Dokyu is blowing up on VideoHive after being selected as an Envato Staff Pick. This is the kind of recognition we′ve been looking for over the past 22 months of development, and it means I can now justify investing a lot more time in product development next year.

I hadn′t realised, but it turns out Dokyu was promoted at the top of the Gift of Giving email promotion, so we got a little extra exposure still! You can see the email here if you′re interested.

Thank you to the customer who forwarded the email, you know who you are! A BIG thank you to the team for helping out with the newsletter. And then another BIG thank you to the Envato Staff for selecting our item for the Gift of Giving promotion.

To everyone on the mailing list, enjoy your holidays soon, and I hope it′s a nice recharge for a kick-ass 2020.

And there you have it! Thank you for reading about our promotion on the blog. If you haven′t already, we encourage you to get onto the Dokyu newsletter to hear the latest on Dokyu. You′ll also get the most up-to-date information on the motion design industry as a designer so it′s useful for anyone working in this business.

If you have After Effects already installed, get up-and-running with Dokyu in the next minute and start creating amazing motion designs…

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