I get this question occasionally so thought I′d give it some attention on the blog.

The short answer is that Dokyu for After Effects has no limit on who you can create for using Dokyu. We do ask that you don′t provide source files to clients, but there′s a simple workaround. As we explored in another article, you can provide layer renders with the alpha channel retained to your client. These can then be worked with easily in the client′s editor of choice.

Licensing Dokyu for single users is a one-time setup.

We also ask that you limit installations to machines that the user owns and uses only. (Licenses do have a parallel limit, so can′t be used on too many machines at once, although if you have an exceptional case, we can circumvent this.)

Multiple Licenses

If you have a team, we can provide multiple licenses. But this can be a grey area, so feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We exercise a common sense policy and like to think we′re fair, so we′ll usually wind up on your side before jumping to conclusions. Bulk licenses will offer a discount, just get in touch first.

To Summarise

  • Please don′t deliver original Dokyu assets to users. We recommend prerendering layers with alpha channels for the client to work with in their editor.
  • Unlimited clients for one Dokyu user in After Effects.
  • Additional licenses can be purchased for additional users.
  • Bulk license purchases can have discounts arranged.

And that′s it, nothing too crazy.

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