Oh boy, does motion design take time or what?

There′s a saying that the dose is the poison. Too little dose and the poison isn′t made. It needs to reach a turning point. This is a rather dramatic analogy for the plight of the motion designer.

  • Dose = time
  • Poison = profit

Becoming familiar with the tools to apply ink to canvas takes patience and practice; your shape layers, pen tools and masks. And that′s before we learn about bringing life to the artwork with keyframes, interpolation and expressions. Wrap that all up in the trends and aesthetics of the time and you′ve got a mega knot of creative anxiety.

Time is the currency in time-intensive industries like motion design. Time = profit, it′s that simple.

When people are considering the value proposition of Dokyu, it′s likely they′re thinking in terms of time. More specifically, what value they place on their time and whether the price-point buys them time back, or whether the price is too high for the time it will take them to produce the same or similar results.

There are a lot of ways Dokyu can save you time in making videos, so let′s look at a few, shall we?


Stock media allows you to browse and import stock images & 4K videos automatically into After Effects, without having to leave your project. Additionally, you get a complete motion library free as well. The 279 animated icon library was selected for relevance to a broad range of client projects. This is a huge timesaver to creators in After Effects and it costs nothing.

Media & Motion. Getting started for free.
Onboarding makes Dokyu accessible for absolute beginners.


We like to say that editors weave a story while motion designers reinforce the message. Editors, whether artists, business owners or hobbiests, spend their time best by crafting a story that people care about. Unfortunately, motion design can take as long – if not longer – than building out that foundation. Dokyu allows editors to maintain high production values without going over-time or over-budget.

Motion Designers

The majority of motion designers using Dokyu do so as a service to clients. While they could recreate the assets built into Dokyu, as the library size grows over time it makes less sense to do the manual work. The value of time is a constant, while the value of Dokyu continues to grow.

Documentary: one of the many unique Dokyu libraries.

If you have any specific questions about how Dokyu applies to your situation, whether that′s your skill level or specific needs, feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to help you. If you′re ready to partner up with your Dokyu sidekick and start creating, simply check out the demo below and decide whether this is the template library for you…

Kickstart Video Brands Online

Dokyu Motion is our flagship product. It packs over 1,000,000 diverse elements into After Effects to become the single most powerful plugin available for motion designers today.