That′s right, I′ve been working hard on the next version of my 3D explainer video course and trust me, it′s a big one. I′m super excited!

Perhaps the biggest upgrade in v2.0 will be with the new explainer video templates coming every month. They will include:

  • 3D objects
  • Scene backgrounds
  • Animation-ready characters
  • Music
  • Sound effects

They will all be hosted on a new marketplace at, where me and my team will focus our efforts on broadening the template library every month.

The membership cost will be $97 a month to access the growing library of templates for non-Udemy students. Udemy students, however, will have a one-time access to the existing library as it is today. (Some 1405 templates!) But… Wait for it…

Alongside the launch coming soon I′d like to offer all early-bird students (the course only went live in November 2014 so you′re one of them if you′re reading this at the time of posting) a lifetime access pass to 3D My Business as a thank you for making a commitment to me and my training. That means you get access to the entire library today, and the 1000s of other templates we′ll be adding throughout 2015.

To get the full membership package, check out the YouTube video at the link at the end of this post – there′s a part 2 to the Udemy form where you can be added to the list. We′re still busy finalizing the new service so we′ll be closing it off at about 100 students, and then it will return to a one-time access pass.

So why should you care? Well, that depends on how many explainer videos you personally plan to make with the training.

One explainer video for your business/startup:

  • Save days, even weeks of time looking for/creating/buying artwork
  • Save hundreds, even thousands of Dollars (or your own currency) on artwork/assets
  • ′Request a Template′ form on every template page means you can get exactly what you′re after

Multiple explainer videos as an agency:

  • The previous three points apply
  • New templates every month means you can ensure your clients get a wholly unique 3D explainer video.

Keep an eye out for the next post. You won′t want to miss this one.

Have an awesome day,


P.S: I added a new video to the curriculum revealing how you can get early access. (Video 2.) Watch it by clicking here.

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