Webinar Replay. Watch Melanie Create With Dokyu.

The upcoming webinar with Melanie will offer you a hands-on guide through a real-world motion design project, using Dokyu for After Effects.

You′re going to learn:

  • How to setup your project in After Effects
  • How to use Dokyu media as a foundation for your project. (Sneaky headstart to beat procrastination.)
  • How to use 4 of the motion libraries in Dokyu to motion design your video: logo library, mask (transition) library, overlay UI library and the SFX library.
  • Where to find gorgeous, free music on the creative commons license, to add polish to your productions.

The training has been produced with the beginner in mind, so whatever your skill level in After Effects, you′re going to be able to follow along.

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1-Click. Motion Design Made Easy.

Video today has set such a high standard it can be scary starting out. Dokyu Motion makes post-production 1-click simple so anyone can join the big leagues.

Responsive Resolution. Mobile Ready. Any Platform. No Compromise.

We built a custom pin framework for the Typography library to reposition elements automatically. So you can choose any aspect ratio.


Responsive Duration. Drag In. Drag Out. Flexible Length.

NEW FOR 2019: Click-and-drag the start or end of the layer to change the duration of your scene. Animations throughout are left untouched.

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Go On. Finish Work Early.

Dokyu is packed with little features that shave off big chunks of time.


Dokyu Stock Media. Stunning Images. 4K Videos.

Dokyu′s Pixabay.com integration means you can access over 1M stunning license-free images & videos without needing to leave After Effects.


Free Updates.The Latest InMotion Design.

Our studio has produced 15 VFX libraries for Dokyu, spanning a broad range of post production needs for the online publisher. New libraries are published in real-time and notifications ensure you don′t miss out.

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Dokyu comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.