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Access 1.6 million license-free images with a growing library of VFX templates created in-house at our studio. Video consumes attention online, so don′t get left behind. Start using Dokyu for free today.

For Adobe After Effects CC2019+ on Mac/Windows®


300 Templates. Beautiful Typography. Exclusive Design. Fast Editing.

There′s something for every occasion. All lovingly produced at our studio, published to Dokyu, and made available to customers in real-time.

Responsive Resolution. Mobile Ready. Any Platform. No Compromise.

Our custom pin framework repositions template elements dynamically. So wide, vertical and square aspect ratios always look ready to publish.


Responsive Duration. Drag In. Drag Out. Flexible Length.

NEW FOR 2019: Click-and-drag the start or end of the layer to change the duration of your scene. Animations throughout are left untouched.

Go On. Finish Work Early.

Dokyu is packed with little features that shave off big chunks of time.


1.6 Million Images. Where you need them. Search. Download. Use.

Dokyu′s integration means you can access 1.6 million stunning license-free images for your templates. All without leaving After Effects.


New Libraries. Produced In-House. Active Development. Stay On-Trend.

Our studio is producing 12 template libraries for Dokyu, and that′s only the storyboarded content. New libraries are published in real-time and notifications ensure you don′t miss out.

Access a growing selection of exclusive templates produced in our studio. Take the pressure off your busy work schedule with videos ready to publish in minutes.